Iconic California Kid Turns 80

Arcadia High athletic phenom Les Schultz made a name for himself on Wall Street before returning to his home state of California. With more than …


Women’s Sports Deserve the All-Star Treatment: #Embrace Equity

Yesterday on March 8th we celebrated International Women’s Day. The theme this year is #EmbraceEquity. The International Women’s Day website at offered a range of resources and activities to help individuals and organizations participate in the day’s events.


Place Your Bets: Will Proposition 26 or 27 Spell Sports Betting for California?

Football is the most bet on sport in the US, and Fantasy Football leagues are in full swing right now. Competition is a natural imperative and a fun pastime in our country, and betting on who will win or lose can be enjoyable, too.


Los Angeles Tribune NFL Power Rankings, Week 5

Never have there been so many fans that can continue to live the fantasy of the playoffs in their future. Only one team is undefeated, every team seems to have obvious weaknesses, and almost every team still has a chance to do something special. With one month down, things are looking up in the NFL.


With one month down the NFL is really looking up

Whether you’re a true fan of football greatness or a diehard fan with a favorite football team, there is a ton of upside so far. The only undefeated team is the Philadelphia Eagles, and at least half the other teams in the league could feel like they got a shot at the playoffs, if not the Super Bowl.


Los Angeles Tribune Magazine NFL Power Rankings

Plenty of surprises heading into week four and the final week of the first month of the NFL season. There are injuries as always making an impact, but the real surprises are the teams finding unlikely heroes. So much to say so let’s move the sticks!

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