At Your Fingertips: Ideas for Easing Student Stress and Anxiousness

School is back in session. Students are establishing new routines, patterns, and schedules. Are you watching your child struggle with academics, concentration, or emotional challenges?

The Closest Thing to a Weight Loss Cure

“You aren’t failing diets rather diets are failing you” says Dr. Ariel Soffer. According to multiple publications, including Psychology Today, the average person will go …


Markers on a Path of Democracy

Our nation celebrates another birthday, and while the country may seem divided on many issues, this democratic nation still sparks pride in the hearts of patriots from sea to shining sea.


The Pandemic Caused Weight Gain for Many, Hypnosis Is Helping Them Lose It

Did you gain “Covid Couch Pounds” that are still hard to lose? It doesn’t have to be so difficult.


Tapping into Magic in Your Daily Life

You are busy. It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic routines of your daily life, leaving little room for enchantment.


Neurodivergence is More Than a New Label

Have you noticed that many labels carry an associated stigma? As we seek to unravel the mysteries of the human mind ever more, we have come to a better understanding of how potential should not be diminished by any labels.

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