Five Ways to Make Your Holidays More Memorable and Less Stressful

You race through the mall, searching for the right gift for a loved one. You juggle obligations like they are balls in the air, but there are so many that you fear dropping one of them.


Finding the Thanks in Your Thanksgiving

The smell of roasting turkey mixes with the aroma of side dishes being prepared. The table is beautifully set for the family.


Top Five Tips for Influencers

They are watching you. Following you. Dying to get a glimpse of your every move. . .


Managed to Death – How to Deal with Micromanagement

You hate when it happens. There it is again. Your boss pings you. He or she calls you into their office again. Every day, multiple times a day. Why can’t he just let you do your job?


Craving Connection? Stay Synced with Your Partner in the Busy Digital World

How much time have you spent connecting with your partner today? More than your devices?


Trouble with Teens and Social Media, More Positivity Needed

“Botox is amazing; you’re never too young to start.”

Horrifying, yet this is the kind of insidious ad kids and teens see on their social media feeds…

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