The Road to Preventing School Shootings Starts with This

A shot rings out. Another follows. Then the sound no civilian should be made to hear. . .the sound of automatic weapons. The sounds of running, shouting, and terror fill the air. It’s unfathomable and yet becoming all too familiar.


Ten Travel Tips for Going International

Think of your favorite vacation. Is it the fun, excitement, and memories that spring to mind first, or the hiccups along the way? Whether for business or pleasure, travel can be highly enjoyable.


From The Dissident’s Desk: Overcoming Lies, Damn Lies, And The Tendency To Believe Them

I subscribe to the New York Times as do so many others in the world of political commentary so that people I care about don’t have to waste their hard-earned money.


Stop Multitasking! Here is the Why and How

How many things are you doing right now?! Multitasking means doing more than one thing simultaneously.


Why it is American to Support Ukraine

If you believe this is another feel-good story, think again. In general, Americans will support an outside cause to avoid looking at what’s happening right underneath their noses.


New app YayWay to rival Meta boasts major perks for verified influencers

Third parties out. Celebrity direct in. This is YayWay: Collaborate, Inspire, Connect, and Share.

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