Wild Stories of Highly Intuitive People

Have you ever felt that little prickle telling you to do something, pay attention to something, or a premonition that something is coming? It’s called sixth sense, or a knowing. Intuition is defined as knowing something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning. Have you ever experienced this?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that stories of intuition are littered with experiences of wishing, in retrospect, the intuitive promptings had been followed. This collection of intriguing stories highlights different ways intuition can play out in our lives. It’s likely you will see yourself in at least one of them. Not only that, but you will find some expert tips on how intuition works and what you can do to hone yours.

Trusting Intuitive Hits: Jenn Beninger’s Story

I grew up thinking I need to go to college, get a job in corporate America, and wear a red power suit. I lived in Silicon Valley so I should work in the tech industry, get married, buy a house, and have kids. In my twenties I met my former husband. There I was married, with a great house and job, and I was struggling with infertility. We struggled for over 3 and 1/2 years, and it was officially labeled as infertility. I had wanted to have a baby for about 4 years, and I was already in my late 20s. I had changed jobs, and I began going through all these infertility treatments.

I really wasn’t familiar with intuition back then but for me what happened was it was a knowing. A strong feeling of knowing what I must do. I was sitting there at my desk, thinking how I’ve moved jobs, and the stress is a little bit better but not really, I’m trying to have a baby it’s just not going to work. I got this intuitive hit: I had to quit. I instantly decided then and there to quit my job, without even talking to the person I was married to at the time.

My boss adored me, and we had a great relationship, but I went right in and told him over lunch, this is what I need to do. This was the end of May 2002. He tried to persuade me to stay, and finally I agreed to give three months to train my replacement. We had our first in-vitro appointment scheduled for August so I thought this would give me enough time to transition and be ready for the IVF. When I went home and told my then-spouse, he was shocked. I told him everything would be fine, I would work on my side business, but this is what I had to do.

A few months later, the time came for me to prepare for IVF by completing a pregnancy test. Despite my frustration over having failed that type of test continually, I went to my doctor’s office nearby and begrudgingly took another test. What began as an aggravating formality, turned into a life-changing revelation: The test came back positive! As the news landed, I found myself sobbing on the floor, curled up in a ball. This visceral reaction even caused some of the nurses to wonder if this was maybe an unwanted pregnancy. I insisted they repeat the test again and they were able to determine that not only was I pregnant but that I was already 8 weeks along. Due to the schedule of my then-husband’s job, I knew exactly when conception took place, and it was in the week after I quit my job. Looking back, which is the best way to experience the power of intuition, I see how I did everything I was supposed to do with my corporate job and that lifestyle, then I listened to my intuition, and I got everything that I wanted.

Exploring Intuition

Since that powerful experience shaped my life, I have learned more about how to lean into this gift. I know that when you have an intuitive hit you must trust it and then you must take the inspired action, whatever that is for that moment. All those things must happen to make the most out of your intuition. The more that you listen to it the more you will build those skills, just like strengthening a muscle. In our coaching certification courses, I teach intuition and help people to develop these gifts. Most people have a strength in one area they are inclined toward to experience intuition, although you can develop additional areas. You can see it, or you can hear it, or you can know it. When it is your intuition there is no resistance. When you’re trusting it, you must release yourself from the outcome because your intuition will take you to the highest version of yourself. You may not consciously even know what it is, and even if it doesn’t work out exactly the way you want it, it’s always going to lead you higher than you ever thought. It’s taking you back to your higher self, or how source sees you. I’ve continued to integrate intuition into everything I do.


There are ways to be aided by intuition that comes from others as well, if you trust the source. On many occasions, Masati, the founder of Xponential Intelligence (XI) has helped people to make changes in their lives or even seek medical advice of a particular nature, based upon his recommendations.

Xponential Intelligence and Knowing: Masati’s Story

I help people everyday by what I can read or pick up about them, and I’ve honed these over years so it’s a super-intuition. I call this scanning a person, to see what patterns they are running and what issues they have going on. I help them to awaken and to remove blocks and access their higher self, their limitless self. I can’t read or intuit situations for myself the way I can for others really, which is good because it would make life super boring.

There are a few occasions that come to mind, but this is something that I do constantly with people I work with. I had an intuition about a friend of mine, that she was going to have a heart attack. I called her up and told her she needed to get checked out. At first, she said she felt fine and didn’t feel anything was wrong. She did follow up with her doctor though and found out that she had a life-threatening situation where one of her arteries was collapsing. They were able to go in and fix it, and she ended up being fine.

For me this is a knowing, and it can look different based upon my relationship with the person. When we are close to someone and they are important to us, we think of them more often and in fact it’s like we are constantly referencing them to render who we are in this world. It’s kind of like pinging GPS for information about one’s location. When there is something going on with a person with whom I am close, it comes up easily. There was another situation where I knew that a family member was going to have an aneurysm. I worked on him and could tell he had a problem, so I encouraged him to seek medical advice. I’m not a doctor; I don’t claim to treat or cure anyone. Sure enough, he had blood clots in his brain, and he was able to get ahead of it and get medical care.


This next story is one about the power of making a choice to change your life, and heeding intuition as a guide, setting yourself on a new path where there is room to grow. Here we can see the importance of trusting yourself and how you can develop your gifts to step into being a powerful creator, while playing the long game.

A Journey of Clarity and Creation: Sparkle Lindsay’s Story

Two key turning points in my life came about when I listened to my intuition and chose myself. I am clair-empathic, clair-sentient, and clair-cognitive. I didn’t always know the extent of my abilities, rather it was a journey to finding and trusting my gifts.

First, when I was 21 years old, and I got sick in the middle of my college basketball season. I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, which is a muscular inflammatory disease, and I was told I would never play again. But I’m sitting there, and I had this crazy premonition that said I will walk again. I knew it. I felt it. I could see myself walking and I knew what it took to walk. I started getting up on the treadmill and doing it for at least a minute and I was in so much pain. I lost my scholarship and I just had to trust that I was still going to play. I had to reteach myself to walk and then I played two more years of college ball. I tried out for the WMBA, but I ultimately turned it down.

A Five-Year Premonition

Earlier this year, I completed my master’s degree. I also had my 5-year anniversary of sobriety– but I’ve been seeing the things that would happen after that 5-year mark, since before I decided to go into recovery. I was working in HR in a high-pressure corporate environment, and I was being called into a meeting. I had what I thought was a great life, but it was spiraling into depression, addiction, self-doubt and intense autoimmune pain. I was getting signs that I needed to let myself go into this journey of healing, even though I was terrified. I thought I was going to be fired; I had started using again and was feeling like I was letting things fall through.

The second time I listened to intuition, I came into this meeting, and they offered me a raise and a position at $125,000! I had to turn it down, I told them I didn’t feel well. They offered to hold my position because to them the numbers were excellent, and they loved everything I was doing. However, I knew this corporate environment, where they didn’t care about my wellbeing, would kill me if I stayed.

After that meeting I had a moment in my car, my mind racing like, what did I just do?! I kept hearing, “Trust the process.” I had certainty of what I had to do for what is going to happen in the future. It was like I was hiding behind that job and not trusting my intuition and authenticity. I could see it, and I knew it, and I could feel it. What began in my dreams of the future began showing up in visions when I thought about it.

I decided to take the next step to my sobriety, and it was really like crawling out of a cave. What I kept seeing was me on a panel, being able to talk, in Denver with a lot of people around me.

I became an International Recovery Coach Professional Facilitator, advocating for recovery, and trained over 750 recovery coaches. In February, I was the keynote speaker at the Research Initiative in Maryland. On June 3rd, 2024, I was a speaker at a huge Recovery Leadership Summit with over 1,500 people in the audience. This is just what I had been picturing.

A Missing Person Found

The further into my sobriety I’ve gotten, the more I have trusted and learned to believe in my clairvoyancy and my gifts. Once my gifts even led me to find a missing person. I had a dream about this person, he appeared to me, and it was such a strange face I had never seen before. Working with my cousin, who is a dream interpreter, we found him, where his body had been buried. After that I didn’t see him in my dreams anymore.

I know things before they happen. I can see things as if on a chess board, and how pieces will move into place. I trust when it seems like there’s no way to move forward suddenly possibilities open. I will never second-guess my intuition, but I do know that I require a lot of rest to be able to create these moments. When I am exhausted, I let it rest. I’ve also learned the gift of being comfortable with being uncomfortable because each layer of what we’re going through in our intuition as they unravel will take time to sit in and to understand. We must embrace those layers with gratitude.


Sometimes, the moments of high intuition do not include a choice to make, but just an awareness of a situation. There is an interconnectedness we can tap into it seems, if we pay attention. Consider this chilling account of a deep knowing so profound it reached across an ocean.

Intuition’s Cry: A Real-Life Experience from Therese Johnson

On March 11th, 2011, I woke up to an inexplicable wave of sadness and grief. It overwhelmed me, a darkness I’d never known. Though I brushed it off as a passing mood, the intensity grew, culminating in a tearful morning. Nothing in my life seemed to warrant such despair. Yet, a haunting soundscape of wailing, crying, and screams began to fill my ears. Panic welled as I questioned my sanity. My usual techniques for managing negative thoughts were useless against this emotional and auditory onslaught. Hours later, a frantic call from my sister on California’s coast shattered the confusion. Her voice urged me to pray and take iodine for radiation protection. Confused, I learned of the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and the looming threat of radiation reaching the California coast. As I realized the cries I had heard weren’t hallucinations, but an empathic connection to the unfolding tragedy, relief for concerns around my sanity washed over me.

This wasn’t the first-time intuition had guided me. As a teenager, a similar feeling preceded my brother’s suicide attempt. These experiences fueled my journey in the medical field. As a Gerontologist specializing in dementia, my intuition proved invaluable. Later, Reiki courses honed my skills, allowing me to help patients in cancer and hospice care.

The March 11th event* solidified my belief in our interconnectedness. It underscored the importance of deep listening and trusting intuition. These practices not only improve mental and emotional well-being but also cultivate resilience, positive emotions, and stronger relationships. While the concept of vibrational frequency may be debated, cultivating optimism and focusing on positive emotions hold undeniable benefits.

*On 11, March 2011, the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan shook the country for six minutes. The Fukushima Daiichi earthquake & the ensuing tsunami resulted in the death of 19,729 people (with 2559 still missing) & devastated communities up & down the country.

– Therese Johnson (Find her at SeniorCareofSacramento.com)


In all these accounts, the common theme seems to be that our intuition can be further developed if we pay attention and lean into it. Where will your own intuition lead you? Will you choose to listen?

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