Sculpt Your Body, Sculpt Your Brain

Your brain is an incredible machine. No matter what you are doing right now, your mind is controlling several intricate processes that don’t require your conscious awareness. But what if you could hack your brain and help impact your own body’s efficiency? It’s easier than you might think. (Pun intended!) Neuroscience is the scientific analysis of the brain and the spinal cord that impact cognitive behaviors. It also defines the nervous system’s structure and functions. 

Did you know? Enjoying an emotionally stable and pain-free life requires you to have a strong and healthy nervous system. 

Many studies show that the brain can regenerate itself, which we know as neuroplasticity. The benefits of mindset, proper nutrition, and exercise for brain health are widespread.

However, nowadays exercise is taking a major step forward: Studies in neuroplasticity are looking at exercise and its many beneficial effects.

Throughout life, physical fitness causes measurable biological consequences that enhance well-being. For example, data shows that it reduces the risk for diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, obesity, type-II diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Working out improves brain functions and promotes neuroplasticity
  • Exercise opens up new internal pathways
  • Increases oxygen to the brain
  • Spurs the expansion of blood vessels in the brain
  • Enhances neural tissue recovery
  • Develops new neurons in memory formation areas of the brain
  • Stimulates cellular growth that supports cognitive function
  • Stabilizes mood behavior by producing mood-elevating neurochemicals such as dopamine and endorphins 

Other research shows that it also supports addiction recovery and potentially helps control impulsive/compulsive behaviors by increasing the production of serotonin.

Every cell in the body connects to the brain through the spine that controls every organ, muscle, and tissue, as well as feelings, emotions, and thoughts. 

The brain is like the electrical box in the house, the nerves are like the wiring, and the spinal cord is the conduit.

If the conduit is damaged, the current will not reach the control panel. Similarly, if the spine is out of alignment, it alters blood flow to the spinal cord and the neurochemicals delivery to the brain.

Postural misalignment also ages the spine prematurely, as well as joints, tendons, and ligaments. It can result in injuries such as Sciatica, frozen shoulder, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain.

Improving postural misalignment through specialized exercise clears the pathways to the brain and facilitates the flow of healthy neurochemicals. As a result, it enhances neuroplasticity while preventing early degeneration of the spine. 

Muscle Care Meets Memory Care: Strength training offers additional benefits.

While physical fitness, in general, has been proven to be an essential component of neuroplasticity and brain health, recent research shows that strength training explicitly provides additional benefits.

A study published by the Karger Journal of Gerontology found that six months of lifting weights protects brain areas especially vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease up to one year after the fact.

Professor Valenzuela from the Sydney Medical School in the Faculty of Medicine and Health says, “It is the first time any medical or lifestyle intervention has slowed and even halted degeneration in brain areas particularly vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease over such a long time. The message is clear: Resistance exercise must become a standard part of dementia risk-reduction strategies.” 

Weightlifting Strengthens the Nervous System

Much like an outdated power box in the house that is on overload, when your nervous system is weak and stressed, you are prone to

  1. Overthinking
  2. Making poor lifestyle choices
  3. Injuries and illnesses
  4. Depression, anxiety
  5. Addictions
Your Body, Behind the Scenes

Another recent study found that before we see any physical improvements from strength training, our nervous system is already getting more robust as the neural input to the muscles increases.

The neural pathways from the spinal cord to the brain become stronger, typically associated with maintaining posture. Incredibly, a few months of weight training strengthens the nervous system, which controls every aspect of the body, physical, emotional, and mental.  

Dr. Isabel Glover at UCL says, “Understanding the neural mechanisms of strength enables us to start thinking of how to assist people who have suffered from a loss of strength, such as following a stroke, by using the same mechanisms as strength training in healthy young bodybuilders.” 

Strength training is like upgrading the electrical panel wiring of your house. It can provide stress relief and restore homeostasis in the body. 

Feeling Frazzled? Consider the following:

While mainstream self-empowerment modalities and new-age philosophies teach us that a positive mindset is essential to achieve any success in life, how can one maintain an optimistic perspective when their nervous system is frazzled and out of control?

Focusing on strengthening the nervous system and the body with strength training leads to increased emotional stability and a more positive perspective in life, promoting safer and healthier lifestyle choices.

In a fitness program, doing strenuous exercises that increase stress and deplete the body can be counterproductive to achieving the anti-aging benefits most people seek.

An ideal wellness regimen must consider where your body is, factoring in your age, posture, conditioning, limitation of range of motion, and injuries, and must incorporate suitable strength-building tools.

The benefits of strength training are endless. It makes our brains, bodies, and minds more powerful and resilient. 

So if you’ve become impatient, waiting to see the sculpted body you dream of having, understand that your body is working magic behind the scenes to give you long-term health benefits beyond your wildest dreams.

Is strength training the key to the fountain of youth? Find out for yourself. Allow your mind and body to maximize all your potential with strength training.

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  1. Just read this fabulous article….very clear, educational and informative. So happy I started strength training with Dr. Fitness before it’s too late. I am 79 years young and hope to reverse many of the symptoms described in this article by following a strict regime of strength training with your terrific team. Thanks!

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