With one month down the NFL is really looking up

Whether you’re a true fan of football greatness or a diehard fan with a favorite football team, there is a ton of upside so far. The only undefeated team is the Philadelphia Eagles, and at least half the other teams in the league could feel like they got a shot at the playoffs, if not the Super Bowl. All of the teams in the playoffs last year have issues and injuries. There are still many questions to answer, but here are 10 facts we know so far what we know.

  1. The Broncos aren’t automatically bound for the Super Bowl and might even miss the playoffs at this pace.
  2. Neither the Rams nor the Bengals look like a top-ten team.
  3. The Bills look like a contender.
  4. The Chiefs are still the Chiefs.
  5. Even Brady needs help or at least a healthy team.
  6. Philadelphia is the real deal, with not a lot of competition in its division.
  7. Miami still can’t catch a break unless it’s heartbreak.
  8. After two back-to-back years of solid starts, including 7-0 last year, the AZ Cardinals won’t sneak up on anybody this year.
  9. San Francisco has scary good defense and might be the best team we’ve ever seen with a 2-2 record.
  10. Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars are the fun, feel-good story of the year.

Yes, I left off the Cowboys because I’m not sure we know anything there for sure. Other teams with more questions than answers include…

  1. Can Seattle put up some fights? Can Geno Smith build on this, or can the team build with Geno?
  2. Is this the beginning of the end for Baker Mayfield? How much of these losses are on him?
  3. Can Denver’s coach make a difference and turn it around? Does Russel have regrets?
  4. What were the Colts thinking? Can they even keep it close in their division?
  5. How is Green Bay winning the close ones? Just lucky enough not to lose?

Still, every fan of almost every team can lie to themselves at least a little at this point that they are still in it. There are young QBs all over the league looking good, and even though there are some injuries hurting teams, there is still plenty of time for teams to get their best players ready in time for the playoffs. Month 2 will be big, with plenty of good teams going head-to-head. More will be revealed soon. Look for more answers in these top 3 games of week 5.

  1. Cowboys vs. Rams, with the latter being 5-point favorites.
  2. Bengals vs. the Ravens, with the latter being 3-point favorites.
  3. Cardinals vs. the Eagles, with the latter being 5.5 favorites.

I already have my picks but still considering what my best three are. Watch for who I’m picking to win and cover by Saturday.

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