Peering Into “The Science of the Unseen”

Have you ever seen a ghost, or maybe felt one nearby? This is maybe not as common as the experience of déjà vu, which literally translated means “you already” and refers to a feeling of repeating something you already experienced. We are captivated by what we cannot explain, and sometimes drawn toward the strange and unusual. I recently participated in the lecture “The Science of the Unseen,” by Mas Sajady. The timing was perfect, as Halloween is just around the corner and wafting on the crisp autumn air seems to be a longing for a glimpse into the other side. More than ever, people are curious about the topics of death and psychic abilities, alternate dimensions, curses, magic, and presences.

After having two near-death experiences in his life, Mas apparently has the gift of seeing through dimensions of space and time in a way that baffles as many as it fascinates. One aspect that many listeners really love about Mas is that his lectures are often experiential, meaning there is a group meditation usually involved. This meditation, or frequency event, gives listeners the opportunity to become participants, and to decide for themselves if there is more to Mas than meets the eye.

All that’s unseen

According to the description of the lecture, it was meant to address all that is unseen because our world is filled with mysterious occurrences that we cannot yet explain. We are naturally curious about the range of abnormal, from “sightings to premonitions, predictive dreams and inexplicable knowings.” As Mas points out, “Some of the greatest minds in history, such as Einstein and Nicola Tesla, encountered phenomena that superseded explanation and the pioneering edge of science continues to reveal more questions than answers. Our fascination with the inexplicable grows…from the upside down in Stranger Things to the parallel universes of Avengers and Spiderman.”

Yes, we are ready for answers, and for the hundreds who got access to this lecture, the curiosity and rapt attention was nearly palpable.

Mas has been called a seer, a healer, and a purveyor of the “woo woo” but for those interested in the intriguing topic of quantum neuroscience, Mas offers more answers than most. As long as mankind has been able to ponder our own existence, questions have existed, theories have been formed. The focus of science has often been a desperate attempt to keep up with all of our questions. In this event, participants seem to feel they are getting a glimpse into what science is only beginning to understand.

Participation encouraged

Reviewing the comments of participants as the event unfolded indicated that the experiences being had were intense and powerful. The interactive nature of the lecture made for a fun and intriguing evening; a feeling of exploring with a large group of friends. That feeling of being amongst fellow explorers seems to be a staple of Mas’s XI community, where there are over 2 million podcast downloads and over 1.2 million Facebook followers. Not surprisingly then, the XI podcast was recently named #1 New and Noteworthy podcast on iTunes.

During this lecture, Mas was able to sketch out some visuals of how we experience spacetime and the layers, or filters, through which we see and experience reality. He also showed the different dimensions of consciousness as levels that we experience. With the basic foundation of what is unseen around us, Mas was then able to delve into answering the questions of what these experiences really are. I can’t spoil all the revelations in this talk, but the “aha” moments were many, and the feedback from participants was that this new way of looking at these phenomena seemed to click.

Curses, possession, and death

The idea of possession, and the ways that it can happen, really got a lot of attention. Also, curses were a particularly interesting segment. In this portion of the lecture, Mas described that we all render ourselves in time and space and project our consciousness through filters. One way that a curse can work is that the filter which is projecting the idea of “you” to the world around you is cursed, therefore altered, to create a negative impression. No matter how benevolent or kind you may be, what others take away from interactions with you is just the opposite. Another way this can look is the opposite and called to mind the idea of making a deal with a crossroads demon. Basically, it’s that someone can be imbued with charisma and charm and appear to possess extreme talent that makes them irresistible, when in fact that is not who they are.

The idea of how the presence of the dead is felt and makes our reality feel very dense was also particularly interesting to the listeners. In essence, the leftover consciousness of the dead hangs out in the closest dimension to this one. This is because of the numerous unawakened deaths that occur, where a person doesn’t realize the reality of their death and their life force, or consciousness, doesn’t go back to their highest self. Mas’s take on aliens was another very interesting segment discussed.

Feeling frequencies

In the frequency meditation, called a hyper meditation, which is advanced frequency technology that transforms the limited to the limitless self, Mas guided the group. During this special portion of the evening, everyone was able to (safely) interact with and possibly get a sensory glimpse of those departed, and maybe even interact with aliens—which Mas explains are not little green men from another planet at all.

The final goal of the meditation was to help participants in ways such as to be more grounded in themselves. This included developing awareness and a sense of any non-physical forces that may affect them, and an ability to filter out forces or people that may deplete them. The participants reported feeling calmer, at peace, more fully grounded in their bodies, and rejuvenated.

From this writer’s standpoint and seeing the response of the group, the lecture did not disappoint. There were more questions that came up, but a deeper understanding of the nature of the unseen unfolded. Much was covered and explained. And because of the dense nature of the content, no pun intended, everyone was glad to have access to the replay. For more info, see

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