A Limitless Future: Neuroscience Tech Company Partners with Jim Kwik for Becoming Superhuman

Stress kills. It is what is behind disease and misery, at the root of what keeps us awake at night, feeling anxious and not getting the most out of life. No matter the trigger, how the body responds to stress is always the same. A limitless future can now be yours as you learn how to tap into your superhuman abilities because you’re no longer stressed.

This is according to NuCalm, with 32 years of research behind its technology, plus collaborations with Tony Robbins and Jim Kwik. NuCalm hasn’t just caught the attention of the Los Angeles Tribune but is profoundly impacting the lives of those across 5 continents.

James M. Poole is the fiercely ambitious CEO behind NuCalm and is on a mission to help liberate humanity from the crutches of stress. Yet, he is no amateur in living a life of service. Poole grew up having parents who were both practicing psychotherapists. He and his equally passionate twin brother and business partner, David Poole, learned about mindfulness, brain health, and empathy at a very young age. His mother even went so far as to offer their home to those dealing with mental health issues during times of need.

It wouldn’t be a surprise then that, of course, Poole attributes a large part of the success to NuCalm being backed by years of research by the acclaimed Neuroscientist, Naturopath, and Quantum Physicist Dr. Blake Holloway, but also to a personal value that pervades the company: compassion. He deeply desires to relieve society from the plague of stress that’s increasingly sweeping the planet. This has been instilled in him since childhood.

So, what does this heart-centered Neuroscience Pioneer, with a background as an accomplished business executive with an impressive history in healthcare, dental, biotechnology, market research, and IT want people to know about NuCalm?

“NuCalm doesn’t only change your state when you’re using its technology, it changes your brain every single time you use it.”

NuCalm is the world’s first and only patented technology that is clinically proven to lower stress, accelerate recovery, improve concentration, and enhance sleep quality without drugs or side effects. It quickly, safely, and predictably helps stop the human stress response and is an impressive and comprehensive solution to the 40-million-year-old complexities of the brain.

NuCalm’s neuroacoustic software is masterfully designed to guide your brain waves to different frequencies. Each segment of music is artfully composed by music producer and audio engineering expert, Dan Selene, to help your brain access and stay in a theta state. The music is then paired with the biosignal processing disc to help regulate the central nervous system by blocking specific signals to the body by releasing the neurotransmitter GABA. This creates an all-around uniquely immersive and transformative experience.

Research also shows that the more time you spend in theta, the more the body’s natural healing abilities come online, so it would be an understatement to say that NuCalm can help you make a quantum leap in personal growth as well as your health journey.

This breakthrough technology is highly revered by fitness and nutrition authorities, such as Ben Greenfield, and is being used by elite military operators, professional athletes, clinicians, top executives, and everyday people for over a decade. NuCalm’s neuroacoustic software has also been used in the replacement of anesthesia in over 2 million surgeries to date and therefore, goes without saying, is unmistakably not music.

Just when we thought this product couldn’t get any more impressive, Poole shared exclusive information with me in our interview that NuCalm is soon to launch KwikState, their official partnership with the world’s leading brain coach, Jim Kwik. Poole is confident that this is the best addition they’ve ever created, even with the success of their ‘Ignite Warrior Brain’ tracks, as a collaboration with Tony Robbins, which is being used to achieve high-intensity and peak performance among global top athletes as well as NuCalm app subscribers.

From my discussion with Poole, it became apparent how much humans struggle to code, consolidate, and recall information. Since, we, as a society, are grossly overstressed, it’s virtually impossible to learn at our optimal level, because retaining information is state dependent. Poole shared, “NuCalm doesn’t just know how to help your brain access that peak state, but also how to keep you there.” By combining their advanced technology with 30 years of Kwik’s research and proven methodology on brain health, they have built the platform and the physics to help the brain oscillate in the perfect state for optimal learning.

“This will forever change how humans learn,” Poole stated.

With NuCalm, we now have the power to change the trajectory of our lives in the palm of our hands. Using this advanced technology, courtesy of trailblazing men like Jim Poole and Jim Kwik, our futures become limitless as we come to tap into our superhuman abilities because we’re no longer stressed.

If you want to learn more about Poole or this highly advanced biofeedback and neuroscience software that is revolutionizing how we sleep, heal, perform, and now learn, you can visit https://nucalm.com. To tap into all your limitless potential, to “take your brain to the next level”, so you can learn faster and remember better, unlock the possibilities at https://kwikstate.nucalm.com.

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