6 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Audience

One of the important things to speaking or hosting an event is knowing how to attract your ideal audience. When doing this you need to be able to communicate very clearly what you’re looking for and why they need to see its significance. After that it’s a matter of building that momentum to build your audience. Here are 6 easy ways you can use to attract your ideal audience.

1. Build Relationships
A great way to build relationships is through social media. This platform has evolved and developed so much that all your friends and followers can feel like they know you through strategic social media posts, live video feed of you talking to them or interviewing individuals at an event you’re participating in, invitations to witness major or minor milestones in your life, ect. 

This is a great method because it gives people the opportunity to get to know you so they are more likely to want to be involved in your life and help you grow.

2. Communicate through Word of Mouth
Once you have people registering or investing in your movement you can then give them marketing material and scripts so they can help you promote. This is a game-changer in utilizing your people because they are able to reach individuals you did not previously know and you have advocates for your cause. You and your advocates can call people, mention your event in group sessions, live feeds about how excited you are and holding a physical flier, and more ideas.

More often than not when people see a social media post they are 40% likely to read the entire post, 15% will click on the actual link, and 2% will register. This happens when they have not developed an emotional investment in your cause to be a follower. Calling and talking to people directly they can hear the sincerity in your voice and you can answer their direct questions as to why they should come at all.

3. Clarify Your Objectives
Whether you put on an event every month or you’re competing against another business hosting an event the same time you are it is important to clarify your objective. What is your event trying to accomplish? How does your event benefit them? What will they learn to help their business make more money? Will there mostly be TedTalks on a specific subject?

Creating a flier with all the speakers who will be occupying the stage(s) and their talking points will help them attract their ideal audience, and grow your attendance at the same time.

4. Understand Your Audience
If you’re marketing and selling an app to help people buy and sell jewelry from their home, then you’re not going to get anywhere talking to a room full of realtors. You make you time more valuable when you understand the demand your audience is looking for.

One way to do that, as a speaker, is to ask the event coordinator before hand who has a greater understanding of the attendees.

5. Take Control of Your Email Marketing
Have you fallen into the spam box? Are you slowly seeing an increasing in opt-outs and decreasing in opt-ins? Control on your email marketing has come undone. It’s hard to tell exactly when it happened, but deciding to revamp your content, offer special deals to your dedicated followers, and pushing your opt-ins strategically can change that.

6. Get Creative on Social Media
Social media is your best way to showcase your brand. You can use it to reference or direct your audience to your website and make sure they are both connected with simple paths to go back and forth between the two. When users are on your social media profiles, they should be able to easily find your website and vice versa.

If you’re a struggling at all with using social media to build your business you can connect with Talent Support Services who will guide you through the confusion and even maintain your social media for you with regular updates.

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David Fagan is the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Host to the California Cable TV Show, The Hollywood Entrepreneur. He is a Bestselling, Award-Winning, and Media Celebrated Expert in the World of Talent Management.

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