Bikini-Body Readiness at its Best

It’s that time of year again when we all wish to look and feel our best both inside and outside! Yet you may be struggling like so many of us to get back into shape after these most challenging couple of years. While we were all home-bound, many were still working out and thriving while others were barely surviving.

One upside of all of this is the emergence in popularity of the non-invasive beauty breakthroughs in lipo-sculpture and regeneration of the skin. Now you don’t have to go through the discomfort of invasive liposuction surgery and the extreme expense, plus you can contour your body without downtime! This is a dream come true for many of us who are struggling with imperfections. No matter how hard some try to spot reduce, it is almost impossible to do this without extreme measures.

After meticulously researching the best of the best in what appears to be a sea of options, here are two of the best bets for bringing your body back to its optimum shape.

  1. Endospheres Compressive Microvibration

The Italians are the best at creating beauty in all forms. The greatest figurative sculptors are from Italy so it is no surprise that they would be creating a non-invasive body sculpting remedy that targets the root cause of cellulite, improves lymphatic drainage, circulation, and breaks down fibrous septa. You not only can experience these beauty-enhancing results, but it is the only FDA-registered device in the world that uses innovative compressive micro-vibration technology to actually feel the body and create a customized treatment to tone, tighten and smooth imperfections. This patented technology designed by Italian bioengineers harnesses a powerful frequency by way of pulsed, rhythmic action to penetrate from the top of the skin into the muscles providing relief from inflammation, and enhances muscles.

This twenty-first-century aesthetic and rehabilitative treatment has a handpick that utilizes 55 rotating spheres and glides along the body by a skilled technician. Aesthetics Guide Magazine has named this one of the top 10 hottest new devices for body enhancement.

Definitely worth a try for anyone seeking an effective non-invasive treatment that delivers five synergistic actions, including cellulite reduction, pain reduction, enhanced lymphatic drainage, and stimulation of blood flow to increase muscle tone.

Check out Magic Body Spheres at the chic Ciel Spa in West Hollywood’s trendy SLS Hotel.

  1. SHAPETRESS: Red Carpet Ready without starvation or surgery

This personalized treatment plan incorporates close inter-personal relationships with highly trained coaches who help you develop your body into the shape you love living in!

My favorite choice is The Cryo One Selene, a state-of-the-art localized cryo-wand device that allows for precise hand sculpting of fat deposits while tightening, re-texturizing, and rejuvenating skin tissues. With German ingenuity and Italian design, this was originally intended as a post-surgical anti-inflammatory device but like many great inventions, it also had some excellent side effects! The discovery was that this strategically designed cryotherapy wand could also sculpt, shape, and rejuvenate the skin tissues from head to toe!

Celebrities have always experimented with extreme beauty treatments to get red carpet ready but now everyone can have access to this affordable non-invasive treatment. Every session provides a powerful collagen boost with visible smoothing of the surface skin as well as deep penetrating to reduce fat cells and contour the body into bikini-ready shape!

The best part is there is no need for downtime and without the pain or scary side effects of some other non-invasives.  It’s well tolerated by all skin tones and due to its origins as a therapeutic tool, it is safe and effective for almost everyone! 

Lauren Rock is the brilliant beauty maven behind Shapetress, and her goal is to make this Cryo One Selene Go available all over the US. So far, we are blessed to have a few locations in the Los Angeles area. As a highly acclaimed Executive Coach and Energy Healer, Lauren Rock has had unparalleled results with her clients’ inner transformations. While beauty from the inside out was the first intention, she has expanded her scope. She started a company to help clients transform externally while improving their relationships with their physical bodies. This new and improved concept felt deeply aligned and compelling, to go beyond just the physical and exponentially affect the whole person, mind/body/spirit! This is the ultimate outcome that we all wish to experience! Lauren is a real pro, and her life goal is to help everyone shine brightly, live joyfully and do the inner work for a holistic approach to wellness.

Don’t we all dream of getting rid of unsightly fat and bulges, while refining the skin surface and becoming bikini-body ready without resorting to invasive plastic surgery or liposuction? And it works not only on the body, but it can also get rid of sagging or puffy skin on the face and tighten the jawline to create a more youthful radiance. Best of all, it’s painless and does not require any recovery period.

As one client so aptly expresses, “I cannot get over how much softer the skin on my face looks and how much firmer the skin on my neck is. This treatment is truly life-changing.”

Lauren Rock and her team of highly trained body-positive Shapetresses will not only help you look and feel better, but they are also thrilled to help us all become our best selves. You will enjoy the sessions and will be giving yourself a priceless gift of living your best life now! These transformative treatments guide you to your best shape ever. This is one of those twenty-first-century inventions that we imagined in the past that came true and it works like a charm!

Rejuvenating, Transforming, Sculpting, and Slimming delivers custom and lasting results! There are options for service packages and locations. You can even have a mobile Shapetress come to you! Learn more:

May you look and feel your best every day, from head to toe!

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