Mind Magic on Display at March Madness

David versus Goliath is the classic tale of the underdog slaying the giant. This tale seems to play out repeatedly at the annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament, a.k.a. March Madness.

The 2022 tournament has a new underdog shining. In the first round on Thursday, little Saint Peter’s seeded 15th brought down the number 2 seed Kentucky, one of the most successful programs in NCAA basketball history. They did not stop there. On Saturday, Saint Peter’s continued its Cinderella story by soundly defeating 7th seeded Murray State becoming only the third 15th seed in tournament history to advance to the Sweet 16. The magic is back for another run.

But what if this is not magic? What if you could achieve the same type of apparent upset in your life?

There is a method behind this magic that has the power and potential to unleash your inner champion. These so-called upsets are not really upsets at all. When examined more closely, there is something they all have in common. There is a system at work in each apparent upset. A system, that when applied in your life, will help you overcome fear and doubt and achieve even the grandest BHAG you can dream of.

The truth is, you have the power to win and win big in life. What’s been missing has been the ‘How To.’ There are three critical components at play in all “upsets”, in all achievements of extraordinary success. These three components are:

  1. Laser-focused mindset and focused thought on your desired outcome
  2. Unwavering belief that the outcome is personally possible for you
  3. Passion and energy. The strong feeling of what it will feel like when you actually experience your desired outcome

Whether you are aware or not, you are playing the biggest game of your life each and every day. Who is your opponent? Your opponent is you. The good news is that you are sure to win. The question is, what will your win look like?

You are in an endless competition that pits your dreams and desires against your fears and doubts. These two opposing life blueprints cannot both materialize as your life experience at the same time. Only the strongest will survive and thrive. You have the power to stack the cards in favor of your dreams and desires. Intentionally managing your focus, passion, and personal belief in what’s possible is like rigging the game in your favor.

Are you ready to pull off that big upset in your life? Answer the following three questions to see if you are ready:

  1. Are you laser-focused on making your dream your reality?
  2. Can you feel what it will be like when that dream manifests in your life as if it has already happened?
  3. Do you believe that your dream is personally possible for you to experience?

If you answered yes to all three questions, congratulations. You are on the verge of being the next big Cinderella story. If you answered no to any of the questions, don’t worry. This shows you where to focus your efforts on developing your game plan to move from underdog to the upset of your life.

Here are a few suggestions to move those no’s to yes’s.

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts. When your thoughts drift away from your dream towards your fears, gently move your focus back to your dreams and allow your fears and doubts to drift away.
  2. Close your eyes and envision yourself having already experienced your dream. Allow yourself to really feel the passion and energy of what that experience will feel like.
  3. Examine your limiting beliefs. Ask yourself ‘why’ multiple times to help you reach the root of your limiting beliefs. Most often, you will find that your limiting beliefs are more like fiction that you’ve accepted as fact for far too long.

Upsets are not fairytales only possible at March Madness. There is a method behind the magic available for you to win the biggest games of your life. All it takes is a little practice focusing on the three critical components of the underdog upset formula to set you off on your own personal winning streak.

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