Why it is American to Support Ukraine

If you believe this is another feel-good story, think again. In general, Americans will support an outside cause to avoid looking at what’s happening right underneath their noses. Is it appalling according to the UN organization that the Russia/Ukraine conflict has resulted in over 2.3 million Ukrainian war refugees? Absolutely. Should the US support humanitarian assistance for Ukraine through financial and other resources? Once again, I believe yes. While we’re at it, can we look at some of the long-standing issues negatively impacting ALL Americans and try not to run from or create fear around these issues?

Trouble in America

In recent news, a person was arrested for murdering homeless people in multiple cities. So, let me get this straight – people just want to live on the street with no shelter, indoor plumbing, or food and this is one person’s answer? On a different note, I’m curious why parents choose to adopt children from a foreign country. Is it due to cultural heritage? Or is this a way to increase their significance in front of family and friends? No judgment here, another child is provided with a stable and loving home. Yet, there are over 400,000 children in US foster care with over 100,000 children IN AMERICA waiting for adoption.

The national media will focus our attention when we listen to the news. According to the World Population Review, as of September 2021, there are over 20 countries currently at war with four of these countries having 10,000+ casualties. We don’t hear much about these conflicts in the media including the major drug war happening in our own backyard in Mexico.

Bringing manufacturing back home

What we can do is speak up when someone takes a stand for America, in America. If you look, there are signs of progress in the right direction. Congratulations to Dan Izhaki, CEO of United Safety Technology, Inc. (UST) whose company received just under $100 million from the Department of Defense last year to increase the domestic production of nitrile gloves. Recently, UST celebrated its newest $350 million dollar facility with plans to start production early next year and create 2,000 new jobs. When ALL American front-line workers need the same product to remain safe and the US initially depended upon foreign countries to meet supply and demand, this indeed is a great win for our communities and America as a whole. Despite the Great Resignation Era, people still want to work. Adjustments are necessary so that individuals can work differently and remain safe.

BE American

The perception remains the United States is still considered the leader of the free world. Other countries like Ukraine depend upon us for support. Let us remember we don’t need to function in an either-or construct. BE American, set politics aside, and provide support to other countries where needed. But let’s not forget the hunger, homelessness, and discrimination in our own backyard and focus the media attention there as well.

The survival of humanity is at stake. 

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