All That Pink Taught Me

Growing up, I listened to Pink’s music, which shaped some of my views on the world. Family Portrait (2001) was the anthem of my younger years because my parents divorced when I was pre-school-aged, and the main memories I had were in pictures. I related to most of the lyrics in the song, so it gave me an emotional outlet I was looking for to express feelings I could not otherwise process. Her song Just Like Fire (2016) inspires us to reignite that spark inside and to forge our own path. And along the way, inspiring others to do the same. This song helped inspire me to stop doubting myself so much and to see my own potential. Walk Me Home (2019) showed that no matter where you are in life, it’s always okay for you to share how vulnerable you are with someone you love. However uncertain everything around you seems to be, when you’re with that special person, none of it seems to matter.

Recently, the artist known as Pink, Alecia Moore, launched her 99-minute documentary titled Pink: All I Know So Farshowing us the behind-the-scenes life of this pop icon. We see what it’s like for her to travel all over the world with her husband and two children as she brings her vision and work to her fans and followers. She shares the ups and downs of being a hard-working mom. In one moment, her toddler son hit her in the face, and while she’s trying to express how upset she is calmly, her son does his best to make her laugh, and succeeds. “People say, ‘I love Pink. She never takes any shit.’ I eat shit for breakfast,” she says, laughing. Never shy about keeping it real, Pink has so many moments that will make you laugh or touch your heart profoundly.

Having a complete body of work since the mid-’90s, Pink’s career shows you time and time again that it’s never too late to learn something new about yourself and embrace your life’s journey. You can watch Pink’s documentary All I Know So Far now on Amazon Prime.

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