Shedding Light on Space Phenomena: Filmmaker Caroline Cory

Superhuman, a Scientific and Spiritual Movie

Every now and then you come across a movie that so resonates with you in its making, the message, and the impact, it requires that you are going to connect more deeply with the makers of that movie. This is what happened to me when a friend recommended a movie to me. This movie was Superhuman and it had everything I was looking for: not just spiritual and energetic examples and lessons but those coupled with deep scientific research that left no doubt of the accuracy of the demonstrations and explorations in said movie. Since then, I have been keeping an eye on Ms. Caroline Cory and Omnium Universe, and Omnium Media to learn more and see what she would do next.

Focusing on her teaching and her personal story showed me the depth of her knowledge, based on personal experience and an academic degree in Psychology, which explains her focus on research, analysis, and evidence-providing in her work. Of course, there is not necessarily “evidence” per se in her teachings, her talks, or her classes. At the same time, the evidence is in the results that work provides for all those ready to engage with the materials and her. 

Scientific Exploration – A Look at Facts and Perception About the Sky

Interviewing Caroline Cory

In late April, I had the privilege to interview her on my show The Dr. Natalie Show presented by The Los Angeles Tribune. Our interview aired on the day of the premiere of “A Tear in the Sky” – her latest film, May 3rd.  As of May 7th, this unique and insightful documentary by the award-winning filmmaker has been climbing in the Documentary Charts on iTunes and many other places. 

A Tear in the Sky and the Ideal of Documentaries

It is clear that A Tear in the Sky is another groundbreaking documentary. It shows the ideal of documentaries is still alive and possible to pursue and share. Ms. Cory was able to bring together a team of experts, including “military personnel, scientists and special guest William Shatner”. The team behind the scenes was as committed, with Lenny Vitulli, Matt Macur, Mitch Parks, Grant Smith, George Lambriodes, and Michael Soto bringing their expertise to the production. 

The documentary takes us on a journey with the experts investigating, the US Navy “TicTac” UFOs and other observations or encounters that are usually termed “space anomalies.” As Caroline tells me in our interview, things happened fast, and everyone was “on it”; not to mention that she herself was partially surprised and partially amazed at how these experts wanted to participate in the making of the movie and how dedicated they were.

This does include William Shatner – and her conversations with him in the film are fascinating. Did they find out “the truth” about the space phenomenon? That is for the viewer to decide – just the way Ms. Cory would want it as she provides the research, analysis, and evidence for us to view and then, figure out what we believe and can follow.

A Tear in the Sky is – to me – the current culmination of Carline Cory’s work tearing down the veils of perception in what is possible, whether it is in her films, her books, or the classes and talks she shares with us.

As she hinted at in our conversation, there may be more to expect regarding Superhuman and surely there will be another scientific documentary searching for the truth about an issue that is enveloped in myth, mystery, and perception.

An Intriguing Book

In the meantime, I also took the opportunity to ask her about her book THE DIVINE PLAN: Now and Beyond 2250 as I thought it was quite a far-reaching title. Her answer was straightforward and once more showed her focus on deep connection coupled with research and analysis. 

Decide for Yourself

As I write this, I highly recommend you check out A Tear in the Sky if you have ever heard of UFOs and other such phenomena and may have some thoughts about them. Even if you have not – this is YOUR time to learn about this, including a conversation about whether we “are alone” and why humans often tend to think that we are the brightest and possibly the only smart and developed species in the universe…what a thought – arrogant maybe? Or as Dr. Michio Kaku puts it, “Our main problem is that we assume they are just as primitive as we are.”

Think what you may – in today’s world the research, analysis, and evidence matter. That’s what this movie and Ms. Cory’s work in general provide. Therefore, this latest movie will be eye-opening in many ways as it does tackle a much-debated issue in our world today. This film is important to all of us as we figure out the state of the world today. And whatever Ms. Cory may do next, she’s bound to follow her intuition and pursue further subjects such as this as that is her prerogative in her service to us.

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