Two Icons Converge Amongst Roses and Stars!

Recently, I had a notification that Oprah was speaking on a Clubhouse pop-up room that was my first experience being on it!  The room busted three times and the maximum number of people were on it! Gayle King and Van Jones were on! Van kept telling Oprah she wasn’t muted, and it was so fun to be in the moment of realness. It was divine timing as Oprah was ready to debut her special interview with Adele for her fourth album “30” coming out and a live concert under the stars THAT night!

Oprah described how beautiful Adele looked and how selective she was about choosing her own outfit, opting for an ivory pantsuit as well, although she loved an outfit J Lo wore. Gayle was laughing and super supportive. She discussed how this was really her debut after the pandemic as she hadn’t left her home for almost two years and one of her first ventures out was Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday party with eight guests, all sitting outside. Then, she said, “I gotta go watch my special!” Surreally, the show was ready to start!

On the special, “Adele: One Night Only!” in Montecito, California, at Oprah’s beautiful rose garden, Adele sat down in a fabulous cream pantsuit, with her hair cascading down her back and Oprah wore an equally stunning pantsuit with drop diamond earrings.

Adele is a worldwide award-winning phenomenon, with over 120 million albums sold and has always been very strategic about dropping new material. She debuted with her album 19, went on with 21, and then didn’t come out with anything until 25, when “Hello” became another worldwide sensation. She always seems to leave the world wanting more, and when she re-emerges, there is amazing new material that she puts her signature “blue-eyed soul” touch to. By the time of the filming of the interview, there were already 40 million stream downloads of “Easy On Me”, a phenomenal feat.

We fell in love with Oprah in the 1980’s and watched her struggles on her award-winning show, have intimate conversations with guests. She is one of the most powerful women in the world owning Harpo Productions, yet she keeps her vulnerability and transparency, which is why she is so relatable. The Clubhouse appearance was such a treat. We know this is for television and we know it is highly produced, but after the program, I felt touched by the willingness both of them had to share from the heart.

Having two women, each queens in their own right, have an intimate chat about growth, therapy, divorce, parenthood and lay it on the line for the audience, is what keeps us coming back for more.

The interview special was a weaving of the rose garden interview and the live concert for A-listers like Tyler Perry, Drake, Ellen, Melissa McCarthy, and Aaron Paul, for a socially distanced lit up event.

Looking stunning in a black form-fitting mermaid dress and diamond planet dangly earrings, stood Adele. Her signature updo, stunning eyeliner, nude lipstick, and French manicure were all visible as she belted out her songs with a golden uvula. Adele was framed by a gorgeous backdrop of photos against the walls of the Griffith Observatory. It was a beautifully choreographed spectacle with aerial views of the Observatory and the Hollywood sign.

Oprah asked her about her son, Angelo, and it was the first time he had seen her live in concert, which she said was incredible. Adele said her only wish is that she wants Angelo to be a good and happy person.

No matter what size or weight, Adele is a luminous beauty with an inner radiance and vulnerability and self-deprecating humor that the world fell in love with. Adele lost 100 pounds over two years and stopped drinking. Oprah shared about when she lost 67 pounds publicly. Adele said, “I am body positive now and I was body positive then.”

Oprah asked her about the darkest days that she experienced that she wrote about in the song “Hold On”, and how she came out. She said you have to, “Move through it with intention.”

Oprah remarked that you end up choosing relationships that heal those wounds from your past. Adele said, “The more that someone doesn’t love you, you love them even more. I was definitely always trying to fill that void.” She stated she had absolutely zero expectations from people because she had been let down so many times.

Oprah said you look for relationships that reflected her childhood wounds. Adele said it was all about the of lack of caring and presence from her father, and his alcoholism that changed her. He passed away last year and she played him her new album on Zoom and went to Wales to visit him before he passed to play him “To Be Loved”. She said that wound is healed now, which many never achieve.

She started dating Super Agent Rich Paul, whom she met at a birthday party.  She said he is hilarious, and incredibly smart. Adele stated she loved herself and became open to loving and being loved by someone else. “Everything is timing….You have to get clarity on what you really want in the soul of yourself.”

Oprah asked, “What do you really want?” Her response, “Peace of mind and stability.” Her best takeaway is that she is in a relationship where your love for yourself comes first.

It’s fascinating when people who are iconic have the opportunity and the desire to be as authentic and transparent as icons like Oprah and Adele are. Most people at their level aren’t willing to share as deeply as they are but the fact that the two of them came together and created this opportunity from not having released an album for six years is the most amazing opportunity for the public to share her journey. Clubhouse was icing on the cake!

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