Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You, Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has created such a body of work that you can’t ignore her level of success. Best known for her roles in Hunger GamesAmerican Hustle, and X-Men, Jennifer has earned over 30 credits as an actress. She also has credits as a soundtrack vocal contributor, writer, and producer. Born in Indian Hills, Kentucky, Jennifer has made her mark as an actress committed to her craft. 

Being spotted at the age of 14, her limited experience had been performing in church plays and school musicals. Now, that young girl has grown into a beautiful woman and mother with over 170 nominations, and she has received 90 awards for her efforts. Developing your craft does not happen overnight. Instead, it takes years of hard work and commitment to gain the recognition you deserve. 

Jennifer never fails to make the host of a show or her co-stars laugh with her colorful sense of humor in her live interviews. She is very open with her personality in an almost “I am as you see me” sort of way, and you can’t help but love or hate her for it. Jennifer has been candid in her interviews like on Ellen where she disclosed how she was trying hard not to look drunk at the red-carpet premiere of Red Sparrow, and we got to meet her alter ego “Gail,” and the hilarious dilemma of being afraid of not acting enough or, acting too much, during on-camera sex scenes. She leaves all her cards on the table, and those that love her just eat up every bite.

The ability to give all of yourself to your craft and still maintain true to yourself has a profound impact on your fans and followers. Each day, you have decisions to make, whether they’re big or small, and every choice has a ripple effect. How you react to uncomfortable situations, articulate your message, convey your personality, and what you do or don’t share about your personal life tells people more about you than you may fully realize. This world is smaller than it seems with all the technology we have, so the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is on her way to becoming an icon is lovely to see.

She and her husband, Cook Maroney, will have their first child following their marriage in 2019. She took a 2-year hiatus from doing any projects before returning to do a film that many have already watched on the big (small) screen movie, Don’t Look Up. The film had fantastic cast members like Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Timothee Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, Ariana Grande, and more. This movie has become the topic of many significant debates regarding media manipulation and how the general public tries to ignore the whole situation (reminiscent of how certain world groups operate). Don’t Look Up is currently nominated for 11 awards in Golden Globe Awards. You’re able to watch this movie now on Netflix.

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