The Lessons Learned From Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss was recognized at the City Gala in February of 2020, which has been featured in Forbes, for his efforts in The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative and rather than giving the usual thank you speech, Richard surprised the audience by leading the room of over 500 attendees in the pledge of allegiance. Almost the entire room recited the pledge and what followed was its significance in our nation’s history.

“The pledge of allegiance was performed at the beginning of every school day until the 1960’s, then it slowly began to be removed from schools. In the 1980’s the pledge of allegiance was completely removed from all schools. Why would we stop teaching our children the ability to learn the vision to run this nation before they are given that opportunity to do so?

“Why would we stop teaching our children how to think with their own brilliance when we’re obligated to teach them according to the constitution of the United States. The children will run this country in the future, and we have an obligation to teach them how we ran things from past to present. If we do not teach history, then we are robbing them of a true education. How much is public money being spent on public schools?

“We’re so cost conscious and cost obsessed that we are only capable of cutting off everything that leaves our children with no art and have no sense of ownership in the act of creativity. They can excel in mathematics, but none of them have obtained clarity of thought and clarity of expression. Why would we stop teaching these things? We used to teach them, but now we don’t. This must change!” – Richard Dreyfuss

Knowledge is just knowledge, but wisdom is power. When you give your children the opportunity to learn from the past, you must also guide them to following a better path, so they don’t repeat the negative parts of history. In order to do that, you must defend their right to knowing all of our nation’s history.

Here are 3 major take-aways from the actions Richard did:

  1. Never stop talking about what you believe in. If something is truly important to you, then it must consume your every thought. Only when you are given a chance to discuss it and enlighten other does it bring you relief.
  2. Don’t hesitate. If Richard hesitated to share the importance of the Dreyfuss Civics Initiative, then those who did not hear him speak at the City Summit would have not been given a chance to learn it ever existed.
  3. Surround yourself with people who share the same belief as you. It can be overwhelming task to take on how the future generation should be educated so it is important to have a team who believes not only in you but your mission.

The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative is a nonprofit corporation formed to revive, elevate, and enhance the teaching of civics in public schools from grades K-12 in the United States. According to, Richard has spent a lifetime championing the democratic process and the foundation blocks of our Republican Democracy. What began with his involvement of helping to design and rollout, LA Works, one of the most effective volunteer organizations, The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative was incorporated as a 501c3 in 2008. Richard has made numerous public appearances to raise awareness for this organization and the need for civic education in our school system. Their programs are meant to promote the advancement of civic education, civic virtue and the role citizens can play in the success of our country.

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